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Fusion Biopsy

Fusion Biopsy is a highly sensitive procedure to detect prostate cancer that uses composites from both MRI scans and ultrasound to create a 3-D guided imaging system. The system takes advantage of superior imaging abilities that allow for early detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer. With Fusion Biopsy, locating the exact site of prostate cancer is possible. The MRI is currently the most sensitive imaging system for detecting prostate cancer; however, trying to do a biopsy in an MRI machine is very awkward. Therefore, by fusing the software to a live ultrasound image the procedure can easily be done in an office setting.

Using this enhanced technique, Dr. Gluck is able to diagnose more subtle prostate cancers, giving patients a better chance for early cure. Dr. Gluck is one of the top urologists in the state of Massachusetts practicing Fusion Biopsy. Many doctors wait to biopsy, and encourage their patients to return to the office every six months to a year to check for change at the site of concern.

Dr. Gluck believes in the health and wellness of all of his patients and will biopsy if there is a serious concern. When in doubt he will incorporate other tests, including genomics, to help make that decision. Dr. Gluck believes that any procedure is a mutual decision between patient and doctor. Dr. Gluck believes in giving all the information to the patient so a correct and informed decision can be made.

The benefits of Fusion Biopsy include:

  • tissue captured from the exact site of tumor, more specific diagnosis
  • more precise diagnosis of prostate cancer if it exists
  • early diagnosis of prostate cancer which can lead to wider selection of treatment options
  • a negative diagnosis gives you more security that no cancer exist