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BTL Emsella Chair Featured on “The Doctors”

The Doctors are spreading Emsella love on Valentine’s Day. As a follow up to the highly successful September 2018 “Put it to the Test” feature on CBS The Doctors (Est. National Audience: 2,272,640), Emsella was once again featured this morning in PART 2 “Put it to the Test” segment. Dr. Red Alinsod’s patient, Kitty, was invited back to share her firsthand outstanding testimonial!

The segment began as they showed the Emsella Part 1 clip from earlier in the season, featuring Dr. Alinsod discussing all of the treatment benefits.  Then Kitty took the lead, RAVING about her Emsella experience and results, which further credentialed the BTL Emsella treatment as a “game changer,” according to the show’s host, Dr. Travis Stork.  Kitty was so thrilled with how her urinary incontinence was treated by just sitting in a chair for 28 minutes (per treatment) and she detailed how the electromagnetic waves generated 12,000 (orgasmic) pelvic floor muscle contractions.  She then added how she probably couldn’t do that many kegels in a year and said that the Emsella chair was “the best thing that could have happened for her.”

Kitty went on to share how before Emsella, her life was controlled by urges to use the restroom and now she is totally free!  She was going to the bathroom 3-4 times a night and now she gets the best sleep and wakes up “feeling like a princess.” All in all- she’s able to really enjoy her life now. Dr. Travis then reiterated how the treatment is noninvasive and was encouraging that other viewers suffering with incontinence could hopefully experience the same results as Kitty.

Lastly, Dr. Andrew Ordon closed the segment by adding how these treatments are also great for men with difficulty holding urine and prostate issues. 

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