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Bioidentical Hormone Optimization Improves Physical and Mental Wellness

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Treatment: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Thank you for speaking with me today about hormonal optimization. How long have you been doing this program? 

Approximately three years now. 

And what lead you to doing hormonal optimization in the first place? 

Well, to enhance my workouts, which it’s done greatly. Its definitely been a great benefit. But most importantly, to me, is the battle with depression over many decades. By far, I have found it to be the best tool I’ve ever had to combat depression. It’s been very significant. 

How has testosterone optimization worked into your daily health routine? 

It just- It really, uh…The whole – I work out every day, and it really enhances my work outs, my mind, the positive way, if you will. The clarity. And again, it’s been the best tool for depression. Best tool by far. 

Have you noticed any different gains in your actual work outs? 

Absolutely. Absolutely. 

Great. Have you noticed any negative side effects from the testosterone? 

None, whatsoever. None. 

Well, anything you’d like to say to people who might be considering hormonal optimization? 

I highly recommend it. Without any hesitation. It’s been a great asset. And, it’s formidable in the fight against depression. And I sincerely mean that from my heart. 

Thank you very much. 

You’re welcome.