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HIFU Improves PSA from 10 to Close to 0 Just 3 Months After Treatment


Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer
Treatment: HIFU
Time since procedure: 3 months

“In reviewing various websites at assorted hospitals across the United States, I realized that there were other options available. After making a pretty comprehensive study, and looking at a couple of YouTube (videos) that’s how I found you and we selected the procedure of using the HIFU. After the HIFU procedure was done, I walked out of the surgical center a couple of hours after I went in. I have had no problems since that time. I have had no leakage, no uncomfortableness, I’m able to hold back the urine stream when needed, and I have no problem emptying my bladder. Frankly, I can tell you that this was certainly the best out of all of the options out there.”