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Andropause, also known as male “menopause,” is an age-related hormone condition that can occur in men. Around the age of 50, some men experience a drop in testosterone levels which may contribute to a change in energy, sex drive, and hormone regulation. Through a simple blood test, Dr. Gluck will be able to determine if your hormone levels are healthy or in decline. Male menopause is different from female menopause: it does not occur in all men, and it does not completely shut down the reproductive organs. However, it can cause a series of other symptom that can affect the quality of ones life such as but not limited to depression, low energy, reduced libido, and muscle weakness.

Treatment Options

At Dr. Gluck’s Wellness Center, Dr. Gluck offers several innovative, non-surgical treatments for andropause and male sexual wellness. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapyPRP Injection, and LISW treatments are great options for treating a decline in testosterone levels and their effects on sexual health. To read more about those procedures, please click on the key words above or refer back to our service page. In addition to treatment therapies, Dr. Gluck will also talk to you about how maintaining a balanced diet, regular exercise, enough sleep, and reduction of stress can help naturally rebalance your hormone levels.

For more information please read this excellent blog post written by Dr. Gluck, Sexual Health in Men and Women.