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PRP Injection & Erectile Dysfunction

The science of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) has advanced greatly in the past 30 years. We have learned why erections happen, both from a physiological and a biochemical standpoint. These discoveries have led to the creation of a whole new class of drugs, like Viagra, which have helped thousands of men to regain an active sex life. Despite taking these drugs, many men still find that their performance is still less than satisfactory. Until now, solutions to this problem included only surgery or self-injections. For women, Viagra has been mostly ineffective. Bio identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) has been a true advance in female sexual wellness. We are continuing to discover the similarities and the differences between women and men in the physiology of sexual function. Still, large gaps remain in our overall understanding of the female sexual response, and how to treat it.

The Benefits of PRP Injection for Erectile Dysfunction & For Women

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection, also known as The P-Shot or Priapus Shot, represents an advance in regenerative medicine. Unlocking the power of the body’s natural growth and repair mechanisms, PRP has been used in a wide number of areas, from repair of athletic injuries to wound healing and hair restoration. Using PRP for sexual wellness is a new and useful addition to standard therapy, and has been seen as a safe and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction

What can I expect during the procedure?

PRP injection therapy is performed in the office. Blood is drawn from the arm, and the PRP is prepared by Dr Gluck and his staff, to separate the platelet layer from the other cells, and to concentrate it into the blood plasma. During this time, the patient will self apply a mild anesthetic cream to the treatment area. Dr Gluck will then inject the patient for their own individualized treatment concerns. The entire injection process usually takes less than 5 minutes.

Experience Incredible Results with PRP

Women receiving PRP injection have reported a restored and heightened sensitivity to sexual stimulation. Their enjoyment of sex has noticeably increased. Many report restoration of vaginal lubrication, and resolution of dryness, itching, and painful intercourse. Many women notice significant improvement or resolution of urinary incontinence, frequent urination, or frequent urine infections. PRP therapy can also be used in combination with other vaginal rejuvenation including ThermiVa and Votiva by Inmode. Men receiving PRP injection for erectile dysfunction have reported a positive impact on the sensitivity of their penis. Many report feeling that the erection is thicker (better girth), and more reliable for intercourse. They notice that after PRP injection, they may reduce or eliminate the use of Viagra-like medications. For some, taking the medications makes sex even more satisfying than before. PRP can also be used in combination with other methods of treatment including Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy for Men.

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