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Preventing Bacterial Vaginosis: New Therapy for a Healthier Vagina

“Vaginal rejuvenation” has become a popular term, with many different medical device companies offering laser or radio frequency energy, or both. All of these devices depend upon insertion into the vagina of a probe which delivers energy. The laser devices ablate tissue, think “burn,” and the vagina grows new healthier tissue in its place. The radio frequency devices gently induce collagenesis, or the formation of new healthy tissue, by heating the tissues to a comfortable level. Radio frequency feels more like a hot stone massage, whereas the laser can be painful.

The new healthy tissue that the body generates makes the vagina healthier, and more able to support a colony of friendly bacteria by giving them lots of normal vaginal lining cells to graze upon not unlike a verdant pasture which can support a flock of sheep. As the healthy bacteria crowd out the pathogenic ones, the risk of urinary tract infections goes down significantly.

Other benefits of vaginal rejuvenation include resolution of vaginal dryness and pain. Many women report an increase in their ability to enjoy sex, including heightened stimulation. If present, urinary incontinence can be substantially reduced. Externally, most women enjoy a better appearance to the vulva, with correction of sagging tissues, and reduction in labial disproportion.

If you are interested in vaginal rejuvenation, we have several treatment programs that might be right for you. Please visit our pages on Votiva by InmodeThermiVa, and The Emsella Chair to learn more about our innovative services for you vaginal health needs.

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