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HIFU Treatment: 3.5 Year Follow Up

client photo - HIFU Treatment: 3.5 Year Follow Up

Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer
Procedure: HIFU
Time since procedure: 3.5 years

“I’m feeling great. For the past three years, I think it’s even getting better. I’m able to do everything and I live a normal life. I’m not taking any medications. No urinary problems, I go maybe once at night, normal. No incontinence. (My sexual health,) over the last year it’s been better, it’s been great actually. Things have been getting better, I don’t take any medication for it, no Viagra. I live a normal life. (For any men who are considering HIFU treatment,) I recommend it strongly. Go for it, because I mean look at me. After three and a half year I’m healthy, I can do everything I want. And my PSA is 0!”

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