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Incontinence Abated by PRP Shot with Increased Sexual Wellness – Follow Up

Female client photo - Urinary incontinence treatment in Boston, Abated by PRP Shot with Increased Sexual Wellness

Diagnosis: Urinary Frequency and Discomfort
Treatment: 2nd PRP Injection
Time since treatment: 8 Month Follow Up 

Previous PRP Injection was 2 years before this.

“We did a second shot because the urination seemed to be getting more frequent again, and since the 2nd shot, it’s been so much better. It seems to be a boost to the first one, because now it seems to be even better than before. I’m just absolutely so happy. I haven’t had any recurrent urinary infections since the PRP shot, not a one. No problems whatsoever, it’s like a miracle. I would recommend this to anyone who is having a problem with urination or frequent urination. It’s so much better, it’s so much healthier, and I feel so much better. (On sexual health,) that’s wonderful too – much, much better. I feel more lubricated, it’s just much better.”