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PRP Injection and LISWT Supercharge Male Sexual Wellness and Performance

client photo - PRP Injection and LISWT

Treatment: PRP Injection and Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy

Thank you for talking to me this morning. You recently had a set of procedures done. Can you tell me a little about that?

“I had the plasma injection which was really painless. It was just 4 little shots and that went really well. And then I had the Shockwave Therapy which we had talked about maybe 6 months or a year ago. And so I finally bit the bullet and decided to try it, and it’s been painless and non-invasive. It actually has helped me to feel a lot more confident, and a little less depressed with that mid-life crisis men get, so I feel a lot more confident in my performance. Everything’s going great in that area.”

Before this happened, what led you to seek these procedures? What was going on with you?

“I found that I wasn’t as confident sexually, and I was feeling less confident. I had the Viagra, but I just wasn’t feeling confident in myself.”

So the Viagra wasn’t doing what you expected it to do?

“The Viagra was helping, but I was totally dependent upon it for a lot.”

After going through the PRP Injection and the series of Low-Intensity Shockwaves, how do you feel that your sensation and your confidence and your ability to perform has changed?

“I just think it’s like night and day. It just feels like it’s a lot different than it was before and I am more confident now.”

Do you have anything to add for men who are thinking about these issues?

“I definitely recommend it. It was worth it. And the staff has been great. And Dr. Gluck, you’ve been great.”