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PRP Injection Enhances Male Sexual Experience

client photo - PRP Injection Enhances Male Sexual Experience

Procedure: PRP Injection

“Overall, it was a very simple, quick procedure. I would tell you that there was an issue having a full erection and getting excited. Now, after having the procedure, I definitely find a different sensitivity level. During sex it seems that the act is a little bit more prolonged, whereas the climax is much more intense. So a definite difference from before having the procedure. (For men considering this procedure,) I think sometimes we are curious as to what medicine can create. For me, I was hesitant at first. I looked into it, read about it, and got my information from you (Dr. Gluck). And at that point, I felt more comfortable in making my decision. So, if you want a game changer – this would be the thing to do.”