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PRP Injection Increases Sexual Function

client photo - PRP Injection Increases Sexual Function

Procedure: PRP Injection
Time since procedure: 2 weeks

“Two weeks ago I came in for my PRP Injection. It’s 5 injections. The first 4 were mild and not too bad. The last one was a bit of a bite, but it’s nothing you can’t endure. I went home and had a large erection. Much larger than what I have experienced recently, both in length and girth. Immediately thereafter, I had a stronger desire for sex. The feeling was increased, the sensitivity, something I hadn’t experience in quite a few years. Sexual activity has improved and increased from about 3 times a month to 3 times a week. I’m pleased with the overall effect of it. It’s like when you were younger, the overall feeling of it. For men considering this, if you want to be active again, I’d give it a try.”