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ThermiVa Success: Urinary Incontinence and Pain Relieved


Diagnosis: Interstitial Cystitis
Treatment: ThermiVa
Number of treatments: 3

“After the first ThermiVa treatment, I started noticing the positive effects almost immediately. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. Initially I was misdiagnosed with overactive bladder because I was having so many symptoms, we had to weed them out. I was feeling a lot of pain, urgency, burning after urination, and I started experiencing some leakage which was very concerning. After completing three treatments of ThermiVa, it’s a 180. I have no more leakage, my urgency and burning are almost gone. I was having pain almost to the point of having to catch my breath, that’s gone. I’ve noticed a physical firming and lift. (For women considering this procedure,) I think it’s definitely worth looking into. Don’t let age be a hindrance. I think it’s definitely worth it. For me, it’s given me hope that I know I’m going to feel like myself again. I already do.”