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Here at Dr. Gluck’s Wellness Center, we value our patients’ wellness above all else. We understand selecting a medical provider is a big decision and we would like to thank you for choosing Dr. Gluck’s Wellness Center, a practice that values patient personalization, care, and innovation above all else. The testimonials below exemplify Dr. Gluck’s dedication to both his patients and their treatment.

Prostate Cancer Patient Experiences Zero Side Effects with HIFU Treatment

“I had a HIFU procedure. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. At a surgical center in Norwood, MA with Dr. Gluck. It was surprisingly easy – the surgical center was great, the staff was great, and the side effects, I didn’t really have any. I had a catheter for a couple days afterwards and really no pain. No difficulty in urinating or anything else, so I would recommend the procedure given the side effects of some of the other options (for treatment of Prostate Cancer.)”

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HIFU Treatment: 3.5 Year Follow Up

“I’m feeling great. For the past three years, I think it’s even getting better. I’m able to do everything and I live a normal life. I’m not taking any medications. No urinary problems, I go maybe once at night, normal. No incontinence. (For any men who are considering HIFU treatment,) I recommend it strongly. Go for it, because I mean look at me. After three and a half year I’m healthy, I can do everything I want. And my PSA is 0!””

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Female Interstitial Cystitis Patient Regains Her Life with Emsella Chair Treatment

“I’ve been plagued for 30 odd years with Interstitial Cystitis, bladder pains, spasms, frequency, urgency. Basically, my head has been in my bladder for years. During a flare up several months ago, you suggested using this (Emsella) chair, and I did twice a week for three weeks and I forget I have a bladder now. It’s just so nice – it’s really a miracle.”

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Incredible Results with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

“I sleep through the night, which is the number one thing – that was my first concern – I hadn’t slept through the night since I had babies. And that’s a huge quality of life thing for me, because I just always felt exhausted, and now, I feel like I have more energy which obviously makes sense.”

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Erectile Dysfunction Treated by PRP Injection and Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy

“(Before treatment,) it was difficult – experience of sexual pleasure was just not there. Every time I would go to have intercourse, I would not be able to gain an erection, maintain an erection, or have fulfillment of sex. Since I’ve finished the PRP and the Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy, it’s been a 180 degrees. I can now have sex and feel confident and maintain an erection.”

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Emsella Chair Success: Eliminating Urinary Urgency

“It was easy, simple, and wonderful. The results I’m seeing are very gratifying. I had problems with urgency, getting to the bathroom on time. And now I’m finding that isn’t really a problem anymore.”

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PRP Injection Enhances Male Sexual Experience

“Overall, it was a very simple, quick procedure. I would tell you that there was an issue having a full erection and getting excited. Now, after having the procedure, I definitely find a different sensitivity level. During sex it seems that the act is a little bit more prolonged, whereas the climax is much more intense. So a definite difference from before having the procedure.

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PRP Injection Increases Sexual Function

“Two weeks ago I came in for my PRP Injection. I went home and had a large erection. Much larger than what I have experienced recently, both in length and girth. Immediately thereafter, I had a stronger desire for sex. The feeling was increased, the sensitivity, something I hadn’t experience in quite a few years.”

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Votiva: The Latest Innovation in Feminine Health and Rejuvenation

“I would say to any woman suffering from what I have (Interstitial Cystitis) that it’s worth anything to have it (Votiva) done because I feel great.”

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ThermiVa Success: Urinary Incontinence and Pain Relieved

“After completing three ThermiVas, it’s a 180. I have no more leakage, my urgency and burning is almost gone. I was having pain almost to the point of having to catch my breath, that’s gone. I’ve noticed a physical firming, and lift. (For women considering this procedure,) I think it’s definitely worth looking into. Don’t let age be a hindrance. I think it’s definitely worth it. For me, it’s given me hope that I know I’m going to feel like myself again. I already do.”

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