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Prostate Cancer Patient Experiences Zero Side Effects with HIFU Treatment


Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer
Treatment: HIFU: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

 “I had a HIFU procedure. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. At a surgical center in Norwood, MA with Dr. Gluck. It was surprisingly easy – the surgical center was great, the staff was great, and the side effects, I didn’t really have any. I had a catheter for a couple days afterwards and really no pain. No difficulty in urinating or anything else, so I would recommend the procedure given the side effects of some of the other options (for treatment of Prostate Cancer.) 

(For Men considering this treatment) It is expensive. In my case it’s not fully covered by Medicare, there are ways of seeking reimbursement which I’m going to try, but other than that it seems to be a great procedure. The success rate is as high as surgery or radiation, and the side effects, which I think are the benefits, are virtually none. It was a no brainer for me except for the cost.” 

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